Raphael Kilpatrick

Raphael can’t help but say yes to just about anything. This attitude has seen him drawn to many different fields but always with a interest in projects of social relevance. After graduating from Interior Design he went on to work in film production (The Jammed, Dream Children), creative development for a multi-million dollar cult (it’s a secret), photography/video, graphics and is now back at RMIT teaching Interior Design with a focus on inciting community engagement.

Raphael is a founding director and has worked tirelessly over the past few years setting up The Social Studio, a not-for-profit social enterprise that creates training and employment opportunities in fashion and hospitality for young people who have experienced being a refugee.

In February 2012 he will take 15 design students to Hanoi to design and fit out a café at the Morning Star, an orphanage that assists over 400 children with disability.
Image: paint design for Adam Kalkins Pirate Radio Tower.

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